Frequently Asked Questions

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Part of good guest services is knowing the answer to simple questions. Get to know the locations of attractions and bathrooms at Gull Meadow Farms so that you can direct people in a friendly manner. If you don’t know the answer to something, ask your manager. Remember the stars on staff nametags? That is a good indication that they may have the answer you need and you can ask them as well. Here are some questions that are frequently asked here at the farm, and the answers.

A. Wristbands are valid for the day of purchase. If someone leaves, they just need to have that day’s wristband on when they return. This does not apply to field trips. There are also 2 different types of wristbands during our season (daytime 10am-4pm) and evening/weekend. Know what color to look for when checking wristbands for entrance to activity areas and activities. If a guest does not have a wristband, ask them to please go to the admission sheds or inside the market to purchase one. Every person (adult and child) entering activity areas needs a wristband.

A. The main grouping of restrooms is located in our main parking area. We have port-o-johns here at the farm with handwash stations. We also have port-o-johns our near the back forty activity area and one at the corn maze.

A. Yes, inside the pumpkin corral shed, but cell phones, keys, credit cards, are given to management and put in a safe location. Please ask if you are looking for one of those items.
A. Yes, direct them to the pumpkin corral shed or radio your supervisor for assistance.

A. Our large maze takes about 30 mins to an hour. Our smaller maze takes about 15 minutes and has 1 entrance/exit. The mini-maze is best for those with young children or those not wanting to get too lost.

A. This is probably the most common question we get asked. The short answer to this question is Yes, however, there can be a much better response to a guest than “yes”. Here at the farm we offer FAMILY activities, not kids activities. With the exception of our zip line, activities are available for both adults and children to enjoy together. It’s part of how we encourage our guests to make memories together while visiting the farm. Everyone can play and be a kid here at Gull Meadow Farms! So, if you get asked “Do I have to pay even if I’m not going to do anything?” Your response could be “Yes, we offer lots of family activities here at the farm. Our petting farm, slide, jumping pillow, and so much more are all available for your to enjoy during your visit here at the farm”. If they are still not satisfied with that answer, you can call a manager to come help answer any other questions they may have.

Be knowledgeable: Know your surroundings and details about the attractions and food buildings. If you’re ever unsure about a question that a customer has asked you, do not reply with “I don’t know.” Respond with, “Please let me find out for you!”