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While we have many seasonal managers and Key Staff that play a vital role in the success of Gull Meadow Farms. Emily, Annie, and Tony are helping year round with various tasks to keep the farm running smoothly.

Annie Lamons: Annie has been with us at the farm since 2013. She helps oversee employee training, market set up, ordering products, field trip and group scheduling, and also helps with various office tasks needed to keep us organized. She is a valuable part of our team!

Emily Midgett: Emily has been a part of the farm since 2013. She came on full time in 2021. Emily helps with human resources and office tasks. She is always helping where it’s needed at the farm. She is a key part of our hiring process and guest services here at the farm.

Tony Schnotola: Tony began as an employee of the farm in 2016. He came on full time in 2020. Tony works under Jared’s supervision and helps with grounds and maintenance. He also helps manage outdoor staff when it’s needed. Tony is always willing to lend a helping hand and has brought several great ideas to the farm for improvements.

Key Staff/Managers will oversee various areas at the farm. They can be found wearing a navy employee shirt and will be helpful with any questions you may have while you are at the farm. You will also notice that staff nametags may have stars or apples on them. Each star represents a season that an employee has worked. An apple represents 5. If you have a question, ask someone with stars/apples!

We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or concerns. We are available to always listen and have a conversation with you. Going through our chain of command helps us resolve issues quickly. However, there may be a time when you need to speak to someone higher up and that is understandable. Use your best judgement.


Chain of command:

  • Go to your key staff/manager
  • Emily/Annie
  • Justin