Team Member Policies

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  • You must clock out for all LUNCH breaks.
  • 14-17 year olds: You will receive a 30 min break if your shift is scheduled longer than 5 hours. This will be assigned to you by your manager. If for any reason we may have missed your break, please let your manager know as soon as possible. It’s important you have a break to refresh. You do not get to decide your break time.
  • 18 and older: Breaks will be given to you by your manager, you do not get to decide your break time. If you feel we may have missed your break, please let your manager know. More details will be discussed at orientation on this.
  • On weekends the regular food lines will be very busy serving guests. You may choose to stand in these lines to purchase food or bring your own food. There will be a fridge and microwave available for your use in the employee breakroom. We also work to provide a meal on weekends for staff.

Cell Phone Policy

  • We do not allow use of cell phones or any electronic devices during your shift, unless you care checking your phone to determine the time, or if an emergency occurs. Our goal is for you to be engaged with the guests.
  • If you are caught using your phone during your shift, you will receive a verbal warning. If you are caught using your phone for a second time, it will be placed in the office for the remainder of your shift.
  • If this continues to be an issue you will be asked to not have your phone on you for anymore shifts during the season.

Discipline Policy - 3 strikes

  • First infraction will be a verbal or written warning
  • Second will be a written warning
  • Third will be written and you will be asked to not return
  • Reasons an employee may be written up or terminated may include, but are not limited to: insulting, arguing, use of profane language, a no call/no show, harassment, possession of alcohol or illegal substances, discourtesy to guests, damaging company equipment, causing bodily injury to another person, or conviction or plea of a felony or misdemeanor.

Dress Code and Appearance

  • Our dress code is simple, but very important. You will need to wear your Gull Meadow Farms team shirt as the outermost garment. You may also buy a Gull Meadow Farms hoodie from our market with your employee discount if you choose. Jean or khaki shorts/jeans, and closed toed shoes. For women, Bermuda shorts or shorts with a 9” length or longer is permitted. Shorts that do not fit this policy will result in you being asked to go home to change. Sport/athletic shorts, Leggings, jeans with large holes, and sagging pants are also not permitted. If you need a list of places that offer Bermuda shorts of 9” seam shorts, please ask and we are happy to provide some options.
  • We will provide you with a Gull Meadow Farms nametag. The nametag needs to be worn on the outside of all clothing so it is always visible.
  • Please do your part to present a clean, sharp, wholesome picture to guests who visit Gull Meadow Farms. If you have questions, please ask.
  • As it gets colder, please be sure to wear clothes that are warm enough. It is hard to have fun and be happy when you are cold. Layers can be helpful in dealing with temperature changes throughout your shift. You may still be required to wear aprons or other uniform items for your shift.
  • If you are working in food services you must have your hair pulled back off the shoulders. If you have longer hair, we suggest a braid or bun so that hair doesn’t have the option to get in to any food.

Employee Parking

Employees will have park in the outermost lot of our main parking area. This will be shown to you at orientation. IF you have someone dropping you off at the farm you must follow all direction signs the same way as our guests are asked to you. If you arrive before we open or leave before we close, familiarize yourself with the entrance/exit off of DE Ave.

Employee Benefits

As a Gull Meadow Farms (GMF) Employee, you will get a 2022 GMF Season Pass! This means that when you aren’t working, you can come out and enjoy a day with friends or family for free. You will be receiving an email soon with an invitation to upload your photo to be entered in our season pass system. When you come to the farm, check in at the Season Pass Window (near the entrance of Pumpkin Lane) or at one of the registers in the market. Thank you for being a Gull Meadow Farms Employee!

All current GMF Employees receive discounts on food, beverages and merchandise at the farm. You will receive 20% off all merchandise. You also receive 50% off any items in the concession stand during your shift (when open on Saturday and Sunday). Discounts apply to employee purchases only.

If you refer an employee and he/she works all season, you will receive $50 per employee referral. Referred employee must write your name on his/her application. Referral money will be added to paycheck at the end of the season.

GMF Scratch Off Cards will be given to employees for doing exceptional work and/or service and going beyond what is expected. Scratch off card prizes can range from GMF caramel apples and other GMF concession meals to GMF apparel items to a variety of gift cards for local stores, restaurants and entertainment!

Each week, managers will recognize someone from their area as our Employees of the Week. Employee names, pictures and why they were chosen will be displayed on our “STALKED BEING GREAT” board in our farm market. Employees of the week will also receive $10 cash and an entry into an end-of-year drawing for $100 cash!


Success in any work environment depends on trust and credibility between co-workers. We have to be honest and are intolerant of dishonesty whether that is calling in sick to get an unscheduled day off or offering our products to friends without payment. You have been entrusted with many rights and privileges while working here. Recording security cameras are used in in various locations throughout Gull Meadow Farms to protect from theft and for the protection of our staff members and guests. If you notice something that isn’t right, or see another employee being dishonest, please contact upper management as soon as possible. This can be handled anonymously if needed.

Name Tags

Name tags are an essential part of your uniform and will be issues on your first day of work. Returning employees will receive a star for each season they have worked at the farm. If you notice someone with an apple sticker on their name tag, that represents 5 seasons at the farm. The name tag should always be worn on the outermost garment of clothing on the left upper chest area. Wearing a name tag shows our guests that we care and want them to know our names. Please return the name tag to the board in the employee breakroom at the end of your shift. There will be a $10 charge for any lost or damaged name tags.

Payroll Procedures

  • Pay Schedule
    • Paychecks are available every other Friday and pay for a 2 week time period.
    • Paychecks are available by 12pm on Friday mornings of each pay date. You may pick up your check in the employee breakroom.
    • Sometime between January 15-30, 2023, you will receive a w-2 totaling all the wages you earned with GMF in 2022. This will come in the mail so if you have any change in address, be sure to let us know.

Punctuality and Timecards

  • Guest satisfaction is a top priority at Gull Meadow Farms and a guest will be disappointed if they come to Gull Meadow Farms to find that some of the locations are only half open because our staff is late to work.
  • We expect for you to be ready to work at your scheduled time. Please plan to arrive early enough to take care of any items needed before starting your shift. This allows you time to walk inside, put your cell phone away, use the restroom, etc. This will be done before you punch in.
  • Each employee will be assigned a 4-digit code to use to clock in. Each employee must clock in for him/herself. Clocking in for another employee creates confusion and is NOT permitted.
  • If you forget to punch in or out, report it to management immediately so they can remedy the situation.

Reporting Problems

We can’t fix a problem that we do not know about!! If you ever notice any damaged equipment or problems in the area you are working in, please notify your manager immediately. You are responsible for making sure everything is running properly and is fully stocked at the end of your shift.

Work Schedules

  • Your schedule will come via email from 7SHIFTS.COM There is an app associated with this system as well – downloading it will enable you to access your schedule via your phone. Schedules will be posted Friday mornings for the following week. We ask that you honor the availability that you gave us when we hired you at the beginning of the season. Once a schedule has been posted you are expected to work those shifts you are scheduled for. It is your responsibility to cover shifts you have been scheduled for if you are unable to make them. We will discuss this further at orientation.
  • Because of the nature of this business, flexibility is needed. If there is inclement weather, then we may not need you to come in, or there may be times that you are sent home early, If we are closed that day, your manager will send you a text and/or email. We can also send messages through 7shifts.