Meet the Wendzel Family

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Dave & Dawn Wendzel​

Dave and Dawn Wendzel took ownership of the farm in 1978. They have poured out blood, sweat, and tears to make the farm what it is today. They are two of the hardest working people. You will often find Dave working out in the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, mum pots, or even directing traffic on busy days. Dawn can often be found in the market bagging apples, stocking product, sometimes making donuts, and filling in wherever she is needed.​

Justin & Kelly Wendzel​

Justin and Kelly Wendzel have been at the farm since 2008. Justin wears many hats here at the farm and oversees much of the day to day operations during our peak season times. The two titles that describe him best would be chaos coordinator and director of fun. Kelly runs all of the social media channels at the farm and helps with customer service and product ordering. She also stays at home with their 4 boys. Justin and Kelly visit other farms and go to conventions each year to help make Gull Meadow Farms the place it has become. From oldest to youngest the Wendzel boys are: Coleman, Brekan, Leyton, and Jehnsen. You’ll find them throughout the season having fun or helping out.​

Jared & Ashleigh Wendzel​

Jared and Ashleigh Wendzel have been at the farm since 2010. Jared oversees all maintenance and grounds work. He is a skilled builder and craftsman. Jared also oversees our tractor drivers during the Fall Season and can be found repairing items that need fixing or making the grounds look beautiful which our guests look forward to when visiting the farm. Ashleigh oversees the animals at our petting farm. She takes care of them daily and makes sure they are receiving the proper care and love year round here at the farm. You will often find their daughter, Noel, helping with the animals as well.​