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Our goal at Gull Meadow Farms is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where families and friends can come together to create lifelong memories.

Lost PARENT: We have the child and are looking for the parent.

  • If this is the case, please immediately radio for a manager. Do not take the child anywhere, remain where you are until a manger arrives. If you are in the corn maze, please bring the child to the entrance of the maze.
  • Stay positive and reassure the child that you will help find his/her parent. Get to know the child. Ask for his/her name, see if they know the parents name. Keep them calm and reassured. Stay where you are until you are directed by a manager to do otherwise.
  • If you need help at your activity area, ask your supervisor to send an extra set of hands.
  • Please use the verbiage “Lost Parent” over the radio so we do not confuse this with a missing child.

Lost CHILD: Parent cannot find their child.

In this instance we need to issue a “Lost Child Procedure”. It is CRUCIAL that you thoroughly understand the following procedure.

  • If a parent comes to you with and cannot find their child (they are lost), immediately contact your manager/supervisor. Only managers can call a lost child alert.
  • Managers, when a lost child is brought to your attention, please immediately let your supervisor know so we can activate lost child procedures.
  • When you hear the Lost Child / Code Adam call on the radio and a manager says, “We have a Lost Child Alert,” you should:
  • Turn the volume up on the radio and WAIT – do not speak
  • Listen to the description of the missing child, their name, and where they were last seen. The info will be repeated.
  • Begin the search procedure for your station.
  • If necessary, close down your activity to do so.



  • NO extra chatter on the radio – keep the line CLEAR for information from the reporting manager
  • Continue search procedure for child until the manager gives the “all clear”

First Aid

  • If a guest or staff member is dealing with a minor injury, direct them to the Pumpkin Corral Shed. All injuries must be recorded in the incident binder located in both areas.
  • If a guest or staff member is dealing with a serious injury (i.e. sprained ankle, fall, broken bone, etc.) please radio for first aide to your location and wait for staff to arrive. If you determine that an ambulance will be necessary, please let us know when radioing for first aid. Close down your activity area if needed.