Dear Santa

November 25, 26 & December 2, 3


We are very excited to offer our Dear Santa magical Christmas Event once again at Gull Meadow Farms. Come join us as we allow your children to experience the magic of Christmas (and we know the grown-ups will have fun too!). We have worked very hard this year to create this magical experience you have come to know and love.

Upon arriving to one of our greenhouses (transformed to a Christmas wonderland) you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members and checked in. Each participating child will receive a bag with all the supplies they will need for the event. You will then help your child create a bag of special Reindeer Food to leave out on Christmas Eve, mail a letter they’ve written to Santa (letters will need be done at home and brought to the farm) with our special North Pole stamp and envelope, and receive an ornament to create later at home. After completing all of your stations, your child will then get to spend some special time with our amazing Santa. Santa also has a special treat for your child to take home. From there, you will have the option to enjoy our walk through the lights experience and enjoy a donut and cup of hot chocolate. While it won’t be dark to really see the lights glow, you are welcome to walk through and see all of the different displays. If you’d like, we will have our friendly goats available for you to visit with along the Walk Through The Lights experience.

Here’s where the Christmas magic happens…after your child mails their letter to Santa at the farm in our special North Pole mailbox, they will receive a personalized letter back to them in the mail from Santa within just over a week of your visit.

Cost for this event:

Children: $19 – this includes, reindeer food, an envelope with special postage to the North Pole station (letters must be completed before arriving at the farm), a letter written back to them from Santa, DIY ornament to be completed at home, donut and hot chocolate voucher, Santa visit, treat from Santa, and light displays in greenhouses.

Adults/non-participating children (older/younger siblings): $8 includes donut and hot chocolate voucher, and Christmas light displays in the greenhouse, you will also fill out a special questionnaire ahead of time to help us with special details to include in your child’s letter from Santa to make it extra special

Space is limited for each event in order to allow a more magical experience and time with Santa for each paid child. You MUST have a ticket to attend this event.

While other family members and older/younger siblings are invited to join the child with Santa, it will be included in the participating childs special time with Santa as we need to be conscious of all the children participating in each event group. This is why we have limited the number of children per group.